How We Engage

Our client engagement model has been perfected over twenty years to ensure a solid foundation toward our clients’ short- and long-term goals. We work to fully understand your business and design an effective combination of services that support your vision.


Our Onboarding Specialist connects with you to introduce our firm and vision. We listen to you and hear your story about your company, your accounting and consultation needs, and your business goals.


We create a plan of services based on your business needs and clarify mutual expectations, including client and ATS obligations to establish a smooth and transparent working base.


Meet and collaborate with your assigned ATS financial team, including your dedicated Account Manager and Bookkeeper. We establish your access to our client portal and collect necessary financial documents and information.

Follow Up

Our Client Specialist will finalize account details and tie up loose ends, gathering remaining information needed for your Account Manager to oversee your financials.

Delivery of Services

We take care of you and your business with regular financial summaries, meetings regarding tax projections, and unlimited phone and email consultation.